The Race Against Rabies
Derek Ng
Educated lay audience
The goal of this project was to create an infographic displaying a biomolecular phenomenon and/or disease that is explainable through molecular structure-function relationships.
Although extirpated in many Western nations, rabies is a disease that causes untold damage worldwide every year. This infographic was designed to be an accessible look into the science of rabies: its epidemiology, its etiology, its molecular composition + pathways, and vaccines being developed against it. All molecular information is sourced from PubChem, and modelled/exported through Maya as 2D illustrations.
This project was created as a fold-out spread in a science magazine, for an educated lay audience.

1. Ideation + Design

After exploratory research into the biomolecular specifics of rabies, I had a great deal of information on the disease—and not a great deal of space. My initial layout explorations were designed to get a feel of the pages I had, and to isolate the story that I wanted to tell. Stylistically, I knew that a graphical, illustrative depiction would be more appealing and less cluttered than a more realistic, rendered style, and worked with that restriction from the beginning.
Two preliminary layouts are pictured below: (1) Left, depicts a vaccine-focused layout with a limited view of the virus itself; (2) Right, depicts a timeline-focused view on the progression of the disease, with considerable overlaps with other sections.

2. Colour + Final layout

Given the quantity of information I wanted to convey, it became clear that a visual focus was needed, not only to maintain visual interest but to split the layout into distinct sections. I took the centered rabies virus from my preliminary explorations and began to adjust it, as well as the textual hierarchy, to make the layout easier to parse. A complementary colour palette with a salient central figure became the root of the final piece.